Welcome to Tree Care Tips

Welcome to Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips is created and maintained by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) and provides homeowners with information on caring for trees and protecting landscapes. Covering everything from planting to pests, from soil to storm damage, Tips is a one-stop resource to learn more about enhancing your tree canopy and improving your greenspace.

Don’t have time to read everything? Here are our top tips for new visitors:

Tip #1: Hire a Pro

You may be fine tackling daily maintenance and smaller projects on your landscape, but when it comes to the big projects, hire an arborist or professional tree care company.

Look at it this way: You maintain your teeth by brushing and flossing, but you would never attempt your own dental work! (We hope…)

The same principle applies to arboriculture; proper tree work requires specific knowledge and training, just like any other profession.

Tree care can also be extremely dangerous, so leave the tough stuff to the experts.

Find a qualified tree care professional in your area.

Learn more about why you should hire a pro.

Tip #2: Ask

Just like your teacher always said, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Not sure if that’s a disease on your tree’s leaves? Ask an arborist. Wary about potential storm damage to your landscape? Ask an arborist.

An arborist is a professional who cares for trees and other woody plants by pruning, fertilizing, monitoring for insects and diseases, consulting on tree related issues, and occasionally planting, transplanting and removing trees.

TCIA recommends finding a local tree care company to provide specific solutions for your landscape. Looking for a quick answer? Use our contact form to Ask Our Arborist.

Tip #3 Visit Often

Bookmark this page and sign up for our quarterly newsletter!

Tips is updated frequently with all the information you need to make your landscape luscious and your trees strong and healthy.


71 Comments on Welcome to Tree Care Tips

  1. great advice, a professional will always steer you in the right direction

  2. If you want to save some money on tree work, such as removing a dead tree, call a tree company now (winter). They are really slow and reduce their prices. You can get some great deals in the winter. Once spring comes and people start thinking about gardens and the outdoors, arborists develop a backlog of work and raise their prices. Or no longer give discounts depending on how you want to look at it.

  3. We as a whole appreciate the trees that make our homes more alluring. Not just do they give excellence and shade, they increment the estimation of our property and neighborhoods.

  4. I haven’t touched the trees in my yard for a few months and they definitely could use some tender love and care. They have overgrown into my neighbors yard, so I think it’s time to give them a proper trim. That’s why I like your tip about hiring a pro because proper tree work requires specific knowledge and training. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I have been tackling some smaller projects on my landscape, but it sounds like if it is a big one involving trees, I should contact a professional tree care company. I like your analogy of brushing your teeth and flossing, but not doing your own dental work. I will see if I can find a company and have them come check out my trees!

  6. Thank you for the tips on trees! This is great informational value for us. I’m glad that I stumbled upon your page. Looking forward to more!

  7. Excellent read, it could not be emphasized enough that a professiona be present during any assessment or action when the intent is to remove a tree from the earth. Safety must always be the top priority, and having a certified arborist present is crucial!

    Thank you for the article, definitely will be sharing!

    – Top Tree

  8. Professionals are usually in the industry because they have some background but there are many pretenders. Looking for certified arborist is the best way to ensure your tree is properly taken care of.

  9. Hiring a professional is a good idea so they make sure everything with the tree is doing good. That way you won’t end up trying to take care of the tree, only to make it worse. If there is a problem, such a disease, it would be good to get the tree removed. Having a professional can hopefully help you to spot the disease of the tree, and then get it removed.

  10. I think that is a great analogy you made that while we may brush our own teeth, we would never attempt our own dental work. I never thought about taking care of my trees is a similar thing! I often try and tackle really hard work by myself, and never considered hiring professionals to do it. They are the experts after all, so I should trust them more than myself to do the work.

  11. Asking a lot of questions to an arborist about my trees seems like great advice. I’ve noticed some extra sap coming out of my trees lately. I’m not sure if this is normal for the type of trees that I have on my property, so asking a professional if this is a sign that it’s diseased will help me know if there’s any way that I can treat it.

  12. I have a tree that I am thinking may need to be removed, so I am trying to figure out how to address it. I think that hiring a pro would be helpful, as you mentioned. How would you suggest that I go about choosing a tree service?

  13. I have three trees on my property and I have been concerned about one of them, because I think that it may be dying. I would love to talk to a local arborist and have them inspect the tree, but I want to make sure that I really am working with a professional. What type of certification should an arborist have so that I know that they really know what they are talking about?

  14. I think that it is important to take care of your tree. Pruning trees is something that should be done twice a year. I think that really keeps them in good health.

  15. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to leave bigger tree care projects to professionals. I have several large trees around my property, and one of them has a very large branch that looks dead. I’m worried about it falling and injuring someone, so I’ll definitely look into having a professional come to remove the limb. Thanks for the great post!

  16. When it comes to tree removal, trimming, pruning, shaping, or stump grinding, you want to make sure you’re not only doing it efficiently but also ethically. If you don’t have experience landscaping, you absolutely must hire a professional tree service – especially if you live in a city as it will have its own laws regarding how to handle these tasks. We have a tree service in Salem, Oregon (where there is a heavy density of trees and a high regard for historical value) that not only provide affordable rates but they will work with you and your property to make sure everything is done appropriately and so that you are completely informed as to the how/why of each task. If you’re interested in a quality tree service, definitely look for companies like Oregon Woodsmen (

  17. Your number 1 tip about hiring a pro is extremely important. We looked at many different tree service providers in our area (Jacksonville Florid) and didn’t feel comfortable with hiring any of them. We look at reviews and had a few companies give us estimates on removing a few trees in our backyard. With many of the companies that came out, we didn’t feel comfortable with how they presented themselves until we saw Cory with Braddocks Tree Service. Our suggestion is, don’t go with the lowest bid, if you want a ‘professional’ you will probably pay a little more for a ‘professional’ tree guy.

  18. Great article on tree tips! thanks for the value provided. I own a tree company and was looking for some info on this topic, and am glad I came across your site. Keep up the good work!

  19. my dog keeps urinating on my cherry tree and it did not bloom this spring. do you have any suggestions? they would be much appreciated as this tree was planted for my mom who has passed away.

  20. I think that it is important to hire a professional to do tree trimming for you. I think it could be kind of dangerous for you if you do not a hundred percent know what you are doing. I think that it is important to be safe when you are doing tree pruning.

  21. You should always be careful when it comes to old dying trees. So I would always recommend hiring a professional when it comes to cutting them down. I personally don’t like the ominous dangers that come with a dying tree, but whether or not your comfortable with it you should get rid of any risks.

  22. Its good to know that an arborist would be able to help me with any questions. One of my trees has a lot of dead leaves and I cant seem to find a straight answer of the cause. I wonder if I have a local arborist near by? Thanks for your help!

  23. Cliff Broadleaf // February 4, 2016 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    Thanks! I’ve been pretty lost with Denver tree care, and these posts help me maintain proper plant health care. I found another great source that’s a resource, too.

  24. My husband and I just moved into a home that has a ton of trees, and while we love it, we haven’t been sure the best way to take care of them. I think you are right that it is one thing that is better left to the professionals. Like you mentioned, humans must visit the doctor and dentist regularly, so it is important that trees get regular health exams as well. We will be sure to find a company to help us out, thanks for the information!

  25. Thank you for all of the great tree care tips. Specifically, you talk about how if you hire a pro to do the bigger jobs, you’ll be ensured that it will be done correctly. Overall, when you hire the right help with the right experience, you’ll ensure that the trimming or removal is done quickly and efficiently. Plus, you won’t have to worry about renting any type of sophisticated equipment because the professionals will already have this. Thank you for sharing!

  26. I have an apple tree in my front yard that I didn’t even know was an apple tree until last month. It actually looks more like a bush, but sure enough, there were apples growing on it. I have no idea how to prune a tree, so I’ll take your advice and hire a tree company. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  27. Eliza Cranston // December 14, 2015 at 8:55 am // Reply

    Thank you for sharing all of this information on tree care! I have a couple of trees that I think may be dead or diseased, and I’d like to get them removed. I’ll take your advice and talk to a professional about it. I’m not even sure what species they are; do you have any resources for recognizing types of trees?

  28. Doing your tree trimming yourself can be long and frustrating process. It is nice that there are professionals available that can do your tree trimming for you. Having a well groomed yard is a great way to represent yourself and your home. Thank you for sharing how maintaining your trees appearance is important and worth while!

  29. Not only did you put up your trees early, but you have TWO of them! That’s awesome!!!! I wish I could cocivnne my boyfriend to let me do that! (He’s German and until he met me, never put up the tree before December 23 at the earliest! Last year I cocivnned him to put it up at the end of November, as per my family’s tradition. He ended up liking it anyway.)Two Christmas trees – that’s fun! Love the two different themes. I think I may get a mini tree and do colorful ornaments, while our bigger tree will be more traditional.Merry early Christmas!

  30. These are some great tips, and I appreciate your advice to call in a professional for big tree projects. I have a couple in my backyard that got diseased and died, so I need to have them removed. I’ll definitely call in a professional tree so they can be removed safely and efficiently. Thanks for the great post!

  31. My wife and I just got this new tree in our front yard, and we really want to make sure it lives a long time and looks good. That being said, I appreciate you giving me some tree care tips and letting me know of some things I can do to make sure our tree grows right. I’ll make sure I follow your tips and see how much they help. Thanks for the help.

  32. I’m glad that the first tip is “Hire a Pro”, because I’ve seen people kill trees with their ineptitude. One of our neighbors is a serial tree killer, and she always calls us after she’s basically ruined the poor thing. People need to recognize that this line of work needs experience, and not just once-a-year idle attention!

  33. Great article.
    I some of trees in my backyard and I can’t take care it alone. I think your tips help me. I like your tips.
    Thank you.

  34. “You maintain your teeth by brushing and flossing, but you would never attempt your own dental work!” This is good advice indeed. If you’re an ordinary person, you’re probably a generalist. For the more important, fine-tuned work, it’s good to ask for a specialist.

  35. You talked about how no question, is a stupid question. I love that, it’s something I think everybody should believe. Especially when it’s one of your belongings, like a tree. There’s a crack that’s in my tree, that I think may be a disease. It wasn’t there when I first bought it, but over time it keeps getting bigger and the trunk of the tree looks like it’s dying. Who do I call, or is there no point in trying to save it?

  36. I liked your analogy. I never would have thought that pruning trees was like brushing my teeth. It does make your point very clear though, it is normally better to use an expert. What kind of things should I leave to the experts?

  37. I think your idea of not being afraid of asking professionals questions is smart. My wife and I have a lot of trees in our yard and have a lot of questions about tree lopping. We want to make sure we are taking good care of our trees. We know the benefits of tree lopping but we don’t really know anything about actually doing it correctly. I think contacting an arborist, as you mentioned, would be a good thing for us to do. Thank you for your tips on taking good care of trees!

  38. Thanks for all the advice on how to better care for your trees. I liked your tip on not being afraid to ask questions. Hopefully I can find a good arborist that will be willing to talk to me about my trees.

  39. I really like how you said to hire a pro for complex projects like tree pruning. A lot of people don’t realize that tree pruning is actually very critical process in order to grow healthy fruit. I tried to do it myself this last spring and realize that I was doing it wrong until someone told me to hire out help. How much does it cost for a company to do it for me?

  40. Lilly Sedrick // October 12, 2015 at 3:42 pm // Reply

    When it comes to tree work, I definitely think that it is a good idea to hire a professional. Tree work is definitely something that can be dangerous and it requires a unique set of skills. I have been wanting to have the trees in my yard serviced for a while now. Hopefully I will be able to get it done soon.

    • I know it’s all so beautiful isn’t it? I rlaley want to go into the city and see the cherry blossoms in full bloom..but not so excited about the crowds. And I cannot believe how mild winter was it always like this?

  41. Hey I really appreciate the quick and straight forward tips. Do you maybe have and more tips, or additional info, on care for palm trees? I don’t know what the proper care would be to trim them (or if you even can). Thanks again for the help.

  42. I like how your first tip is just to hire a professional. I’m a big DIY kind of guy but I’ll admit that there are some things I don’t know how to do. We have a tree that has been causing us some issues so it’s probably time to call in some help. Thanks for sharing this.

  43. Taking care of my trees is one of my favorite leisure activities. Nice post

  44. I love tip #2 “ask”, it seems like such a simple thing, but it’s pretty important. My wife and I have a tree that we think might be ruining our driveway. We’re not sure if we should have it removed, or maybe just trimmed.

  45. Thanks for posting this! I was considering doing my own tree work after I planted my new trees in my yard. It’s a good thing that I visited your page so that I can find out that it’s really best to consult an arborist to help maintain my trees. You’re right, they know more about the nutrients that they need and how they should be trimmed, so consulting them about my questions would be a smart move.

  46. I have a tree in my yard that needs to be trimmed. I agree that hiring a professional is a good idea. I wouldn’t want to accidentally mess up. Thank you for the information.

  47. The point about not attempting your own dental work is helpful. My family’s working on some tree removal right now. We’re having some trouble figuring out how to remove it safely. I’m going to show them the article. Thanks for the info!

  48. These are awesome tips! I just bought a new house and there are tons of trees in my yard. I love the way they all look, but I know I probably won’t be able to take care of them alone. I love what the post says about asking. It’s so true! If you’re worried your trees might be diseased, there’s really no harm it asking an arborist. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

  49. I am so glad that I was able to find this! My wife and I just got this tree, and we really want to make sure it grows and thrives. And the tips you gave were super informational and helpful. I’ll definitely let my wife know about this, so that we both can start taking proper care of it.

  50. I like how you said, “…proper tree work requires specific knowledge and training…”. My father-in-law trims trees sometimes. He has a very delicate technique that he uses. I’m having him trim my trees this week. Do you think that using a chainsaw is a good idea?

  51. I have quite a few trees on my property. Some are getting really old and probably need to be removed. How do I know that they are ready, though, before I get an affordable tree service to do the job for me? It would be a shame to decide that they need to be gone before their time. Also, is there anything that I can do to the roots to make the trees healthier and last longer?

  52. My husband and I finished our landscaping last year and we have really enjoyed it. He recently got a new job that requires him to be all over the country for most of the week. I don’t really know how to take care of our lawn so I am thinking about calling someone in for property clean up. It would be really nice to not have to worry about taking care of the lawn!

  53. It is interesting to learn a little bit more about tree care. I think one of the most important tips of tree trimming is really to hire a professional. Doing this can save a lot of risk for injury.

  54. I have a lot of trees in my backyard, so I need to figure out how to take care of them best. I’m not very good at dealing with chainsaws or any cutting objects, so I should probably hire someone to do it for me. How much does it cost to have a service regularly visit you?

    • I have several eulacyptus trees planted alongside my concrete-paved driveway, since 18 years ago. Now the trees are about 15m tall and their roots have pushed patches of the driveway concrete upwards, as high as 50-60 cm. Is there a practical way I can correct the problem? Pruning the roots would mean breaking the concrete and re-paving the driveway; a costly procedure

    • Hi Rachelle Reeves would like to tell you ask your all queries to i recommend you because i had a very good experience with them.

  55. Thanks for sharing these tips on tree care! My tree’s leaves have been looking a little strange lately. I’ll be sure to ask an arborist if it’s disease, like you suggested. Great tip!

  56. Your comment about hiring a pro, is a great piece of advice. I don’t know much about trees, or how to properly prune them, but I am smart enough to hire a professional. My grandma hired a great tree service business to cut down some branches off of her trees, and they did a great job. I will have to look for someone who does quality work within a reasonable price. Thanks for sharing your comments.

  57. Tip #1 is definitely one I’m going to take to heart; it’s so important to hire a professional when dealing with your trees. That’s the only way to ensure that they’re well taken care of. The comparison you made about doing your own dental work is perfect. You wouldn’t do it yourself, so why not have the same attitude towards taking care of your trees?

  58. I liked the point that you made about asking arborists questions about your tree. You’re right, if you suspect that your tree could be sick, then it’s important to ask about the condition of your tree. I’m sure like many homeowners, I want my trees to live a long and happy life, so that’s why I find it so important to take the time to have my tree inspected and properly maintained.

  59. There was a storm near my house that knocked a lot of our trees over. My family has no idea how to get them out of our backyard. Could a tree trimming company help remove the fallen trees?

  60. Be careful with tip #2! I actually disagree that there can be stupid questions. If you can easily get the answers yourself, you are wasting other people’s time by asking. Great list though!

    • I have several euapcyltus trees planted alongside my concrete-paved driveway, since 18 years ago. Now the trees are about 15m tall and their roots have pushed patches of the driveway concrete upwards, as high as 50-60 cm. Is there a practical way I can correct the problem? Pruning the roots would mean breaking the concrete and re-paving the driveway; a costly procedure

      • I dont think you will be able to do much about that yourself,you may want to call a local certified Arborist about this to take a first hand look! the reason I am saying this is because if you trim the roots they can and will grow back with in a couple of years and can cause the same problem again.

    • It is very important to epomly the services of a well-insured tree service company. This is to ensure that you and your properties are covered should there be any incident that would occur. This will also guarantee that they adhere to all standards.

  61. Thanks for sharing this advice on taking care of your trees! I never thought about comparing tree care to dental work! When you compare major work to professional dental work, it makes a lot more sense to hire a professional. I was planning on doing some serious trimming on my olive tree, but now I think I’ll start looking for a professional. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry!

    • Yeah I used to be a tree trimmer and pelpoe would call use out after getting scared to death or hit in the head with a falling branch. You really need too look at the branch, see what branches its still touching, and figure out which one is still holding it up. Branches can swing pretty crazy if you cut out the wrong part of the tree and the broken branch is still attached a little. Becareful! Keep up the good work and rock on with those trees!

    • It’s a relief to find someone who can explain things so well

  62. Thanks for the information. I just moved to a new home, and our yard is covered in trees. I want to make sure we take really good care of them, so I’m definitely going to follow your tip. I especially like your tip about hiring a professional; I think the fact that you placed that as tip #1 shows its importance. Otherwise, chances are your trees will end up dying.

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