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What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the unsightly stump. And if you have a stump on your property, then you’re probably ready to get rid of it.

The most popular removal method is stump grinding. A stump grinder is a machine that removes tree stumps by chipping away the wood via a rotating cutting disk that grinds the wood into small chips. Stump grinders range in size from a lawn mower to a truck. So can you tackle this project yourself? Or do you need to hire a professional?

DIY: First and foremost, homeowners should never attempt to remove the stump themselves, with a chain saw or ax. Using these tools without the knowledge of how the stump-wood will “react” is dangerous and unnecessary.

But you can rent a stump grinder and tackle the project yourself. It’s important to remember, though, that stump grinding without proper training or equipment is asking for trouble.

Homeowners contemplating tree work should assess the risk of using unfamiliar machinery such as stump grinders. If you are at all uncertain about what could happen by attempting your own tree work, contact a qualified tree care professional for help.

Hire a Professional: A professional tree care company already has the equipment and knowledge to properly grind a stump.

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  1. I like how you suggest that homeowners should never attempt to remove a stump themselves with a chain saw or ax. There are a few stumps in my backyard that were leftover from the previous homeowner that I want to get rid of because they are becoming a hazard. I will have to contact a tree service that already has the proper equipment to make sure all parts of the stumps are successfully removed.

  2. I am aspiring to start writing blogs but i wasn’t sure of what but this post’s content and presentation has led a spark in me. Thanks for the information.

  3. I learned a lot about stump grinding services by reading this article. It was cool to learn that stump grinding can help to get rid of stumps that cause problems in your backyard. I can imagine how helpful these services can be when it comes to ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.

  4. That’s really good to know that you should never try and DIY remove a stump. I was actually considering getting a chainsaw myself and cutting around the edges so I could dig it up. I don’t want the wood to react in a bad way like you mentioned, so I’ll have to make sure and call a professional. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Great post, thanks for this!

  6. I’d personally rather have a professional do it. Stump grinders are a pretty intimidating piece of equipment!

  7. This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to hire a professional to grind your stump so you don’t risk injury by operating unfamiliar machinery. My husband and I had one of our trees removed last year, and we’re wanting to get rid of the stump as well. Neither of us have used a grinder before, so we’ll definitely look into hiring an experienced professional to do that instead. Thanks for the great post!

  8. My husband and I are doing a lot of remodeling and changes to our home and yard, and we have been wondering what to do with the stumps that are left over from the trees we chopped down. I didn’t realize until reading this that there were professionals that could grind the stump for me to use it. I like that you point out that stump grinders have all the equipment and knowledge to properly grind the stump without making it into a problem. I imagine that will help us have a better looking yard to work with. Thanks for sharing this!

  9. Using a stump grinder to get rid of leftover stumps in my yard only after being properly trained how to do it is a good piece of advice. That seems like the safest way to make sure that there aren’t any accidents while using it. I’ll make sure that I’m properly trained to use a stump grinder safely so that I only have to worry about getting rid of the leftover stumps in my yard. Thanks for the tips!

  10. I have a stump in my yard that I have wanted removed for a while. I never knew about stump grinding. I might have to try it out. Thank you for the information.

  11. Thanks for the information! Growing up, my and I cut several trees. But, for the stumps we just dug around it and pulled it out with a chain. The grinder looks like it would save a lot of time. Are grinders readily available to rent?

  12. A recent storm brought down one of the bigger trees that we have in our yard a few weeks ago. We were able to clear our most of the debris and the stump is the only thing that remains. We are currently looking into different methods of removal and this is one that I have never heard of. It was great to learn more about it, thank you for sharing.

  13. I don’t think I have ever seen this machine before. My wife and I were thinking about just digging up the roots and spending a couple of Saturdays getting everything up. I would love to have a stump grinder like this to take care of everything for me.

  14. Well I’m glad to know that I shouldn’t try to get the stumps out myself,at least with just my ax; thanks for the warning. We’ve got a couple that are in the way and I’d love to get them out as soon as possible. But I think that we’ll end up going with your second option and hire a professional. It still seems kind of dangerous to get a grinder by myself.

  15. I had to take down two diseased trees on my property. The tree surgeon did grind the stump, but only down 4 inches there is still another 4 inches of solid stump under the pile of wood chips and dirt on top of the remaining stump and roots. I had this problem before with an arborist. I couldn’t plant another tree or get grass or anything else to grow in that stump spot, and I had to keep adding dirt, humus and compost as the ground kept sinking at that tree stump spot. Are there standards for stump grinding? Any suggestions?


    Paul Roden

  16. The other day a large storm came through the area and damaged a large tree in my yard. I had to get the tree removed because it had so much damage. Now there is a large stump in my yard that needs to be taken care of. Sounds like I could call a tree service company and have them bring a wood chipper to remove the stump for me.

  17. I really appreciate you making me aware of this, and letting me know that I should never work a tree grinder on my own. There are definite danger from doing this, and so I will make sure I follow this tip. Do you have any ideas on where I could rent a tree grinder? I’ve already talked to my neighbors, and no one has one.

  18. I’ve had a stump in my yard for a few months now, and I’m ready to get rid of it. I wasn’t sure what the best way to do that was, so this information has been very helpful. I will likely hire a professional to do it so it’s done safely and correctly. Thanks for the post!

  19. It is true that you should never try to remove a tree stump yourself. Especially if you are using a stump grinder. You should have a professional do it for you. One wrong move and you could be in a serious accident. Another way that you could get rid of the stump is to burn it. I have done that before and it works pretty well. However, you shouldn’t do that if there are nearby fire hazards.

  20. Your comment about hiring a professional, or renting the correct equipment, was interesting. I don’t know much about removing tree stumps, so I probably would’ve done the wrong thing. We have a tree stump by our pool, but the roots go underneath the concrete. How do we remove it without damaging the concrete?

  21. You’re right, tree stumps in your yard aren’t very pretty. We just got rid of a tree and are wondering what to do with the stump. It’s good to know that you can rent a stump grinder. I’ll have to look more into that!

  22. I’ve seen a lot of videos of people getting injured while trying to remove a tree stump with a rope or chain, so it makes sense why not to do it that way. My dad wants to remove a tree stump in our back yard, so I’ll tell him about the stump grinder. Are there any other ways to get rid of stumps?

    • Rachelle, my neighbor got injured taking out a stump in his back yard last spring. I bet a professional would be able to get it out for him in a very safe manner. I told him to be careful, but accidents happen sometimes regardless. Thankfully, he only spent an hour in the ER, and was back home safe.

  23. My parents recently had to have a tree in their front yard cut down. There is now an unsightly stump sticking up out of the grass. Thanks for the advice on how to remove the stump, I had no idea there were machines you can rent for the job.

  24. Thanks for the tips. My neighbors took out a tree in their yard, and they just kept the stump because it was so big. It looks kind of cool, but I can understand the appeal of wanting to get rid of the stump. I really appreciate your advice to only do the stump grinding if you have the proper training.

  25. I just had the opportunity to have this massive tree removed from my backyard. With that thing gone, I now have a ton more room to do things. But, I have another problem now, the stump is still there. I would really like to get rid of that, so I no longer have to worry about this tree. I really appreciate you talking about how to get rid of the stump! I’ll make sure I get on this right away and see if it helps me out.

  26. My husband and I just bought a new house, and the first thing we want to do is get rid of a couple of giant tree stumps in the yard. They’re not very nice to look at. After reading this post, I feel like we might be able to try and do it by ourselves. However, the post explains that you need a stump grinder, and I’m not quite sure where to get one of those. Maybe I should just call in the professionals.

  27. Thank you for all of this information. I recently had a tree removed from my front yard, and now there is an ugly stump left in its place. I don’t know much about removing stumps, so I thought I should do some research on the subject. Your advice to rent a stump grinder if I tackle the project myself was very helpful. I’ll be sure to do that.

  28. Thanks for sharing all of this information about stump grinding. I had no idea that you could actually rent a stump grinder yourself to do the job without a professional. However, I don’t think I would be comfortable doing that. In my opinion, it would probably save me a lot more time and money to have a professional perform the job quickly and well. Plus, I don’t want to risk injury!

  29. I have a stump in the backyard of my new house and I have been wanting to take it out ever since I saw it, but I have never had time. Although, it sounds like actually hiring a pro to do it would be a much better choice. Hospital bills would be a lot more expensive than the cost of any stump remover. Probably totally worth it just to have someone smart do it!

  30. Thank you for the list of ways to get rid of a tree stump. I would agree that you should never operate a stump grinder by yourself. It is a very powerful and dangerous machine. It is better to hire a professional to remove the stump if this is the case.

  31. I had not heard of stump grinding before. I would have assumed that you just need to dig them out. It’s likely I am going to want to hire a company to do this for me.

    • It took weeks to do it all, since we were only working on the gdaren in the weekends. But this stump came out relatively quick. I believe my dad and Jay only worked on it for two hours. But this was the last one and by then they knew exactly how to do it.

  32. Thanks for the tips! The information about removing a stump using a chain saw or an ax was really interesting. I didn’t know that stump-wood could react differently to something that’s cutting it down, so that’s why it’s best to avoid using either a chain saw or an ax to cut it down. What makes a stump grinder safer to use than any other tool? If I could use the ax in my shed to remove my stump instead of renting a stump grinder, then I would like to know what makes a grinder better to use.

  33. I didn’t know that you could rent a stump grinder. I probably would rather have someone else do it anyway though. Power tools kind of freak me out and I feel like I would kill someone. I’d rather have it done safely by someone who knows what they are doing!

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