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These Trees Need a House Call

The following questions will need the assistance of a tree expert making an onsite evaluation of your trees. There are many things that could affect the health of trees, and a House Call from a local tree expert will help determine what to do. Please contact one of our tree professionals in your area for an on-site evaluation of your tree troubles. See the link on the Tree Care Tips home page for assistance.

I have a sugar maple tree in the back yard that seems to be dying. The leaves are very small and some of the branches have no leaves at all. The overall height of the tree is about 20'. There is no apparent sign of damage to the trunk from insects. Can I save this tree with a fertilizer or some special care that I can administer?

 A large pine in my front yard was struck by lightening yesterday.  What do I do?

 I have a sycamore tree that usually is a great shade tree, but this year the leaves came out very slow andsmall and it looks like there is a small green spider on the leaves. can you tell me what it might be and the cure if any.


I have an ash tree that the leaves are curling up and dying,I live in Rio Rancho NM. Can you tell me what you think the problem is?


we have an oak tree that had ants under the bark. We did get rid of the ants but the bard came off and is now rotting. What can we do to save our tree?


 I have a redbud tree in my front yard that is half dead.  My husband thinks it has a disease, as it has no leaves on one side and the other leaves have some wholes in them.  I also have wild roses that have severe wholes in the leaves and the stems look dead.


We have three mimosa trees in a row on our ditch bank. The one in the middle has had its leaves turn yellow and are all falling off. This is happening while it is blooming. All the trees are about 12-15 ft tall. I cant see any pests of any kind on the tree although one of the biggest trees has become split in the bark like it is expanding. I dont know if this is a normal growth thing or not. Should we trim back the one tree with the yellow leaves falling or let it go to see what it does?


I have a twenty year old Dogwood that for the first time didn't flower is the tree dead? We are from the Boston area?


 We live on a beautiful tree lined street, most of which are 70-80 year old sycamores.  In recent years, the sycamores have not been looking too healthy; small leaves, spindly branches, etc.  I’ve seen other sycamores that are larger, but much more healthy looking.  Could ours be diseased?  Or is there something we need to do to help them look better?


I have a 14 year old pin oak , every year the leaves get brown spots then dry up and the leaves drop in june and july. the tree is beside a brick patio and two koi ponds. Is water an issue (probably 1/2 the drip line is sod or dirt) or is it a pest or disease?


I have three willow trees. 1 is fine, 2 have small brown dots on the leaves. 2nd year in a row, that make the leaves fall off. Do they need to be sprayed? More or less water?

 We have a couple of large black jack oak trees that were bloomed out and looked great, and within the last 3 weeks, all of the leaves have died and the tree looks dead. I had someone come from Oklahoma State University extension office, he said that he didn't know what the problem was….possible root rot, possible beetles, but he said to get them cut down, burned and hauled off asap. I hate to do this, because they are(were) very large beautiful trees. Someone else suggested to leave them to see if they come back next year. Today I noticed that one of our maple trees limbs is turning yellow……so now I am concerned that I may lose all of the trees in my yard. I have a sprinkler system that is on well water. I usually run it every other day, but when it was raining a lot, I turned it off, so I don't think it is root rot……but I am just wonder if there is anything I can do.

 I have an oak tree which lightning has struck leaves are starting to die. Is there help for this tree, and what is it?


 I am a new homeowner and the builder planted a red maple in our front yard last November.  The tree came out with all of these great leaves this spring, but now the leaves are turning brown and red.  We did put some mulch around the tree, about two inches, and I am concerned that something is wrong with the tree.  Should I not mulch, should I fertilize and when and how often?


It appears my Sweet Bay Gum tree is dying.  There are many dead branches falling off of the tree, although it is still blooming.  The bark around part of the bottom of the tree is loose.  Can I do anything to save this tree?

 I have a Mimosa tree that has not bloomed.  What can I do?

 I have a Japanese cherry tree that is losing all its leaves. Can you tell me why this is happening? It has lost almost all the leaves and the ones left are yellow. In one week it has lost most of the leaves.

 My neighbor's very large tree has its roots spreading into my driveway and causing is to raise and split.  The roots are also spreading over the neighbors lawn and into her driveway.  My question is does the tree have enough roots going down to keep it in place or will cutting these spreading roots cause the tree to fall over.  The tree is very large. 


I have this big tree that has been around for about 25-30 years and it has fungus growing out and this white stuff coming out of it and now theres these red spikes coming out of my trees trunk and theres a lot of them too in on of the branches...and i dont know what it is or what to do please help!!!

  I have a 60 foot weeping willow, there is a red growth on the root that are above ground, what is this and what can be done to help my tree?

live in northwest Indiana and have a queen maple tree about 20 years old. My problem is it is starting to look like some of the branches are starting to die. This seems to be starting at the end of the branch and working inward. This is not just one location, they are scattered all over the tree and seems to be mostly the smaller branches.


My Maple is Shedding its leaves. It started in the early part of June and the leaves are curling up and are brown.  I have a problem I planted this tree 35 yrs. ago.  It is a big leaf green maple.  What a beautiful shade tree.  It shade covers 40 50 ft.  Am I going to loose it. 


I have two pine trees that are shedding pine needles at an enormous rate.  What can I do?

  I have a green leaf maple tree in our yard that is approximately 25 years old.  The last month it has been dropping leaves.  The leaves are green (not dead) when they fall and do not have anything on them such as insects or brown spots that I can see.  The tree looks okay to me.  I called our local nursery but they could not give me any answers.  Any help you could give me would be appreciated. 

 I live on the west coast of Florida and have had most of my robellini palms die. They eventually get mushy on the crown and it’s as though they are rotting from the top down. I have had a lawn care specialist fertilize them and add extra nutrients such as magnesium and manganese, however, they seem to be dying off one by one. The palms have some exposure to direct sunlight and are not over-watered.  Is there a disease that is affecting robellini’s?

 We have a  big Almond Tree about 40 yrs old & has a lot dead back,  how do we cut it back or do we ?  It still produces nuts, but it hasn't much water for a few years.  We have no idea how to care for it.

 The leaves on my banyan tree are turning yellow.  I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Is there a mineral deficiency problem?

 My Leland Cypress started turning brown from the top, spreading on down into the tree.What can I do? It is in direct sun, partially shaded by a large oak.

I have a question about the value of trees...We are having a dispute with the insurance company.

I have a question concerning possible slab foundation damage from an oak tree.  I have a relatively young live oak (Trunk Is Approximately 3’ Around) sitting approximately 5 feet from my foundation.  The tree sits on the middle of the property line between my house and my neighbors.  My neighbor stated his tree removal company advised him the roots would damage the foundation to my house.  I can not tell if my neighbor is being friendly or trying to get me to foot the bill for removing a tree he does not like.

We have three honey locust trees in our front yard, two of which have been there for 15+ years.  One of them has been very slow to bloom for two or three years, now – this year it is even slower.  We are afraid it is dying and want to help it any way we can.

There are several off shoots coming up outside the yard and we cut them back each year.  Also, I have flowers planted around the base and water it more often than the other two trees because of the flowers.

Any ideas that will help me?  We live in Southern Colorado on the front range.


Last spring we planted a clump aspen.  As we have lots of deer in our area, we protected the trunks of the tree with plastic deer guards that also allow for the tree to grow.  However, they didn’t keep the deer from eating a few limbs near the bottom of the tree.  It is now June and the tree has not fully leafed out.  One branch has leaves and there are buds that have been partially open for a couple of weeks and others that are almost ready to open.  There are three new shoots starting on one of the trunks about three feet from the ground.  It just seems stalled.  All our other aspen trees are fully leafed out and look great—they are not new trees.  Is our tree dying or is there hope?  Is there anything we can do to help it along?


We have a Japanese red maple that has been growing for 5 years.  Last year it was beautiful with much foliage, draping and gorgeous.  It gets morning sun and afternoon shade.  Last fall we noticed that all through the winter much of the dead, dried foliage did not "blow" off the tree as normal.  This spring, only the bottom of the tree as well as half of the top of the tree has leaves.  The entire center section of branches are void of all leaves.  We cut back some of those branches hoping to vitalize the tree and encourage growth but to no avail.  Tender, new growth is forming on the main trunk which is a good sign.  Yet, we are in a quandary as to how next to proceed.  Do we prune off these "dead" branches at this time?  Are they indeed dead?  If we should prune these off when is the best time?  Any other helpful information would be appreciated as we hate to lose this once gorgeous tree. 


Also, while watering my plants this morning I noticed our beautiful River Birch had a few leaves where on the underside had a "deformed", bubbly appearance.  Is this anything to be concerned about?  The tree has been with us for five years as well.  By far the majority of the leaves are fine, but it concerns me that this is just the beginning of the problem and we would like to correct it before it turns into a big problem.  Would hate to lose this lovely tree as well.

I live in Alabama and my Gardenia trees are dying. The leaves are turning yellow and brown and die. Some are not that old but has always produced beautiful blooms.

 I have a maple tree approx. 40 years old and the last two years in the spring the tree is extremely light with buds and the tree was very sparce with leaves. Also the leaves were way behind in coming out. There are other maples in the area that seem fine, but a couple of trees have died. What can i do. I really don't want to lose this tree.