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Did you know that trees damaged by storms may entitle the owner to a federal tax deduction? Learn more here.

Tips for cleaning up after the early snowstorm
Last weekend's storm certainly made a mess of things with plenty of blocked roads, downed trees and widespread power outages throughout the area. Now that almost everyone has power, we've gotten warm and cleared out all the spoiled food from refrigerators and freezers, there's plenty of work still to do outside. The snow was so wet and heavy that even well-maintained and properly pruned trees and shrubs suffered substantial damage. The first job is to check for damage... Read the article...

Hurricane Irene Damage
TCIA member company Bartlett Tree Service provides a good message to consumers following a devastating story in New Hampshire after Hurricane Irene.

Watch the video, and read the story, here:

Trees & Insurance
If a tree falls on your house during a storm are you covered by insurance? Generally, yes. If there is damage to your property your insurance policy should cover it. Be aware, however, that if a tree falls and does not damage any building or structure, then insurance usually won’t cover any damage to landscaping or plants. A fence, shed, or deck would be covered.

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Buyer Beware when Purchasing Tree Care
Fall and winter storms often bring out the best in a community. Neighbors, even strangers, help each other cope with aggravations and property damage left in the wake of a storm.  Unfortunately, storms also bring out the worst in a community - fast-buck artists looking to profit from the misfortunes of others. How can homeowners protect themselves when they need to hire a tree care company to clean up after a storm? Read the article...

Why limbs fall in your yard
Travel around a neighborhood after a storm and you will see tree limbs, large and small, scattered about the ground. Why do some limbs fall in high winds or after ice storms while others merely bend? Should you worry about that large limb overhanging your driveway? Read the article...

Storms Approaching ... Will Your Landscape Survive?
Late fall and winter are the seasons for some of nature’s most severe weather. Storms in all shapes and forms create havoc throughout the country. One of the greatest dangers posed by storms are presented by falling trees. Read the article...

Did a Storm Damage Your Tree?
Winter storms cause tremendous stress and severe damage to trees in the urban forest. Obviously, a snapped or downed tree should be removed. What about a tree that suffers minor damage? How can a homeowner tell if a tree is safe? Read how...

When Can I Fix the Damage from Winter Storms?
The snow has melted, the winds have mostly died down, and you finally get outside after a winter of cold, wet weather to take stock of your yard and its vegetative inhabitants. Is this the right time to start pruning and fixing storm damage?
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About ice storms and trees

If your trees have been damaged in a storm, or look as though they might have damage from an overload of ice, how do you know if they are safe? Unless you are a trained arborist, you don't! If you suspect or can see storm damage to your tree, you should get a tree care professional to assess the damage. Read more...