• Planting FAQs

    Planting FAQs

    Q: Why should I plant a tree in my yard? Planting trees is the most natural way to add value to your property, reduce heating and cooling costs, lend your landscape aesthetic (Read more...)
  • Daily Planting Care

    Daily Planting Care

    Once your tree is safely planted, what is the proper care to ensure success? Water Your Tree: Until your tree is thoroughly established (typically one to two years), water it (Read more...)
  • Utility Pruning

    Utility Pruning

    We all know that trees are one of the top reasons for utility service interruptions. Utility pruning programs are necessary to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of vital (Read more...)
  • Why Plant a Tree?

    Why Plant a Tree?

    Planting trees is a natural way to add value to your property, reduce energy costs, spruce up your landscape, and nurture the surrounding wildlife. Add Value to Your (Read more...)
  • Prepping to Plant

    Prepping to Plant

    Planting a tree involves more than digging a hole and tossing in young trees you bought on sale. Thorough planning and professional guidance are essential if you want a (Read more...)
Tree Care Tips

Welcome to Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips, created and maintained by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), seeks to provide homeowners with information on caring for trees and protecting (Read more...)