• Wood Chippers

    Wood Chippers

    Looking to get rid of the brush or wood pile in your backyard? For many homeowners, the easiest option is to utilize a wood chipper – a machine that reduces wood and brush (Read more...)
  • Why Prune Your Trees?

    Why Prune Your Trees?

    Pruning is much more than the simple act of sawing off limbs and should be a regular part of all tree and shrub maintenance programs. Proper pruning encourages strong growth, (Read more...)
  • Prepping to Plant

    Prepping to Plant

    Planting a tree involves more than digging a hole and tossing in young trees you bought on sale. Thorough planning and professional guidance are essential if you want a (Read more...)
  • Daily Root Care

    Daily Root Care

    Root systems may be the least visible part of the tree, but it definitely isn’t the least important part – especially when it comes to overall tree health! Roots (Read more...)
  • Stump Grinding

    Stump Grinding

    What remains after a tree has been properly removed is the unsightly stump. And if you have a stump on your property, then you’re probably ready to get rid of it. The most (Read more...)
Tree Care Tips

Welcome to Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips, created and maintained by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), seeks to provide homeowners with information on caring for trees and protecting (Read more...)