• Safety FAQs

    Safety FAQs

    Q: Why is it dangerous to perform my own tree work? The average homeowner does not have the training, equipment or expertise necessary to perform safe tree work. Though tree (Read more...)
  • Nutrition for Trees

    Nutrition for Trees

    Effective nutrient management for trees begins with an understanding of their natural habitat and how trees obtain their mineral nutrients. Built to thrive in nature, trees (Read more...)
  • Pruning FAQs

    Pruning FAQs

    Q: What is the best time of year to prune? Although it all depends on your pruning objectives, most trees can be pruned year-round, if pruned properly. In fact, winter can (Read more...)
  • Soil Dos and Don'ts

    Soil Dos & Don’ts

    Soil provides nourishment for the tree’s root system, so healthy soil is essential for a healthy tree! Check out these quick “Dos and Don’ts” to make sure you’re (Read more...)
  • Daily Planting Care

    Daily Planting Care

    Once your tree is safely planted, what is the proper care to ensure success? Water Your Tree: Until your tree is thoroughly established (typically one to two years), water it (Read more...)
Tree Care Tips

Welcome to Tree Care Tips

Tree Care Tips, created and maintained by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), seeks to provide homeowners with information on caring for trees and protecting (Read more...)